Olivamine D3 + Magnesium

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Olivamine 10® D3 + Magnesium

It is very important to add mineral supplements to a daily diet because essential minerals are almost non-existent in today’s foods. Most mineral supplements on the market today focus on calcium and not magnesium which actually can be counter productive to health.

Why you may not be getting enough minerals
  • Most fortified foods do not contain enough minerals to satisfy an adult's daily mineral needs in order to protect children from receiving too much
  • Essential minerals are non-existent in almost all of today's foods (Eby)
  • The body produces vitamin D3 when exposed to the sun so often people, using sunscreen, or living further from the equator tend not to get enough vitamin D3 (Chapuy)

How Mineral Boost Pinnaclife Supplements can help you
  • Contains the powerful antioxidant Olivamine 10®, not found in any other supplement line for added health benefit
  • Mineral Boost contains 100% of magnesium and vitamin D3's daily recommended values
  • Combines three important vitamins and minerals in one supplement for cost effectiveness and ease of use
  • Combines two important bone health minerals, vitamin D3 and calcium, to help promote optimal bone health (Dawson-Hughes)

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Vitamin D3


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